How To Repair Rusted Gutters

How To Repair Rusted Gutters

Many homeowners want to know how to repair rusted gutters so their property has street appeal and is in excellent shape, especially given the damage that can be caused during a good old Queensland storm season. Strongguard provides the most professional solution to this common concern, but there are plenty of things you can do yourself to repair gutters, as well as to prevent damage in the first place.

Christmas Break

We’ve just about made it to the finish line for 2016, this year we’ll be closed from Friday 23rd December till Monday 9th January. We’d like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, workers and staff for a successful 2016 and wish everyone a happy & safe Christmas break.

Tile Roof Leaks

10 of the most common causes of Tile Roof Leaks After the deluge on Sunday night, we’ve received numerous calls for tile roof leaks. We offer a number of quality services for tile roof repairs, however for some small jobs we aren’t always your quickest or most cost effective option. Sometimes DIY, a Maintenance Plumber or a Handyman may be your best option, to avoid you paying too much we’ve created a chart to help you choose the best person

Restoring a Metal Roof

Don’t Let The Elements Take Their Toll On Your Metal Roof, Restore It Back To It’s Former Glory With Shieldcoat. As the early generation Colorbond roof colours go out of fashion and start to fade, its a great time to give your roof a facelift with a new modern colour scheme. Shieldcoat Roofbond is a great option for protecting your roof and enhancing the overall look of your home.