Roofing Brisbane

The Brisbane Roofing Specialists

If your old roof is leaking, damaged or simply doesn’t suit the aesthetics of your home, it might be time to upgrade. Strongguard specialises in all types of roofing repairs and upgrades across Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. If you’ve begun searching online for the right Brisbane roofing company, you’ve probably found us through searches like, ‘Roofing Brisbane‘, ‘Roofing Contractors Brisbane‘, ‘Roofers Brisbane‘, ‘Roofer Brisbane‘ or something similar. We’re delighted you’ve found us! Here at Strongguard, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality roofing solutions and exceeding your expectations in terms of value and customer service.

Whether you need a repair, a refurbishment or even a replacement, our specialist team of Brisbane roofers at Strongguard are here to help. Our expertise rests in our ability to identify any issues that are affecting your roof, and provide cost effective solutions. In fact, we even offer targeted services for asbestos roof removal, so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with hazardous materials. Having a high quality roof is super important in Queensland with our increasingly unpredictable weather. The team at Strongguard have over 20 years of industry experience. As a result, we’re well equipped to deliver efficient and high quality service to keep your Brisbane roof at its best.