Tile Roof Replacement Brisbane

Cement and Terracotta tiled roofs are quite popular throughout Brisbane. Often, however, they become brittle as they age. When this happens, tiled roofs can begin to leak. This is not unusual, especially in homes that are quite old. In these cases, it is not always a straightforward or cost effective fix. Quite frequently, the only solution is to replace the tiled roof altogether. Here at Strongguard, we are experts when it comes to tiled roof replacements. We have over twenty years of experience in the industry. This means that we know exactly what it takes to deliver the ideal tile roof replacement. When you get a tile roof replacement from Strongguard, you get the best in products and service. We replace damaged tile roofs with leading edge metal ones. Every metal roof that we use is sourced from Australian owned companies. As a result you get quality materials that are built to withstand Brisbane’s conditions.