How Does Hail Damage A Roof? Your Roof Inspection Checklist

Hail damage inspection checklist

Hail is a powerful force of nature, especially in south-east Queensland. But did you know even minor hail storms can damage your roof in subtle yet significant ways? These subtle signs of hail roof damage — like shingle granules in your roof gutters or broken corners on your clay roof tiles — are easy to miss. That is, until the damage increases over time, resulting in expensive roof leaks or an urgent need to replace your roof. 

Does A New Roof Increase The Value of Your Home?

New Roof: increase the value of your home

Does a new roof add value to an appraisal? How much does the roof impact the value of a home? Many people overlook the importance of the humble roof in contributing to a property’s value. Your roof not only protects your home and everything inside, but it’s one of the largest, most obvious features that people see when looking at and forming an impression of your home.

Types of Roof Damage & What To Do About Them

From shingles littering the yard to rusted gutters or roof leaks, some signs of roof damage are easy to spot. Others — like missing granules on the edges of your roof shingles or black streaks of mould, lichen or moss — are much less obvious. Unfortunately, when roof damage signs go unnoticed, this can have serious consequences for the structural integrity of your home.

What is Roof Restoration & How Much Does It Cost?

What is Roof Restoration

If you’re planning a renovation or to sell your home, restoring your roof will not only add value to your property but enhance its street appeal. If your roof needs some tender loving care, a roof restoration can be a better choice than a complete roof replacement and extend the life of your roof without the huge cost. In this article, we will cover the signs that you need to restore your roof soon, the different types of roof restoration

Your Complete Guide To Roof Cleaning

Guide To Roof Cleaning

How often do you clean your roof? While not the most glamorous task, regular roof cleaning is essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof. Our roof cleaning chemicals and products guide offers essential information on eco-friendly roof cleaning products and professional roof cleaning methods to ensure your roof lasts a long time.

Reroofing A House | Everything You Need To Know

Reroofing A House

A well-designed and expertly built roof is one of the most essential aspects of protecting your home and keeping your family safe from the elements. Although some roofing problems can be solved with quick fixes, sometimes reroofing is necessary, even crucial. This article will explore what reroofing means, the stages of reroofing, the difference between a roof overlay and a tear-off, how to tell if your roof needs replacing, how long you can expect your roof to last, and the

Top 8 Benefits Of Roof Sarking

Top 8 benefits of roof sarking

Roof sarking is a pliable laminated membrane containing an aluminium foil lining that’s positioned under both metal and tile roofs. It is installed when a house is built, during home extensions or if you’re renovating your home or restoring your roof.

5 Signs You Need a Roof Restoration or a Roof Replacement

Roof Restoration or a Roof Replacement

Your roof is an important investment – it takes a beating every day from hail, rain and sun and needs regular maintenance checks. Ageing is a natural part of a roof’s lifespan, and depending on the type and age of your roof, sometimes damage can occur that needs to be attended to as soon as possible in order to maintain its structural integrity.

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A New Roof – What To Expect

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A New Roof

A properly designed and well-built roof is one of the most essential elements when it comes to protecting your home, its contents and its residents. And although many roof related problems can be alleviated with maintenance, sometimes re-roofing is necessary. The process, however, can be complicated and the ramifications of a poorly done job can be disastrous. Here’s what you need to consider in terms of getting a new roof.