9 Awesome Roof Deck Design Ideas to Inspire You

Rooftop Garden

Roof decks have gained popularity the last few years, specially for those living in busy cities where space is limited. Patio roofs are the perfect way to include nature in your home. The biggest draw of roof decks is the uninterrupted views, so even if you have room for a traditional outdoor deck, you may want to investigate the deck roof options available to you. Other advantages of a roof deck are the reduced traffic noise, added insulation to your

A Guide to Roof Terminology

Roof Terminology

You’ve probably never seen much of your roof’s internal structure—even its external structure can be difficult to see. So, when the tradies arrive and start reeling off words you’ve never heard before, you’ll probably be confused. After all, roofing terminology isn’t the sort of thing that makes its way into most people’s everyday vocabulary. That’s why we’ve collated some common roofing terms that you might hear when the roofers arrive at your home.

5 Awesome Skylight Ideas for Your Home

Skylight Ideas for Your Home

Skylights (also known as roof windows or roof lights) have been around since the mid-1800s. Since this time, technological advances have allowed skylights to improve and expand in range, size, and style. With the right skylight design, your home will feel more spacious and open, and be filled with natural light. Other benefits include the ability to reduce mould, strained eyesight, and your electricity bill. They can also add value to your home, and contribute to a more energy efficient

The Best Roofing Options In Australia

Best Roofing Options

It takes 42 hours to drive from Australia’s northernmost town (Bamaga) to Melbourne, clocking a total of 3,694 kilometres, and covering two of the earth’s climate zones. You’ll pass flourishing rainforest, barren desert, surging mountain ranges, and everything in between. The awesome diversity of our country has led to a variety of housing styles—Queenslanders, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and more—each with unique designs that suit their environment.

What Is Commercial Roofing? | Expert Guide

What Is Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is any type of roofing fitted to a commercial building. It’s easy to assume that commercial roofing is the same as residential roofing—they’re both just buildings, right? But in reality, commercial buildings are usually much larger, and have a number of different considerations and requirements for their roof.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Roof Tiles

Cleaning Roof Tiles

Roof tiles can quickly become infested with mould, algae, and other organisms that create ugly marks, and lead to expensive damage. A roof should be cleaned roughly every two years, and due to the danger involved, it’s highly recommended to hire a trained professional. But if you’re set on doing the job yourself, and are confident in your ability to keep yourself safe, this article will explain how to clean your roof tiles, covering everything that you need.

Does Roof Ventilation Really Work?

Roof Ventilation

The Australian sun is renowned for its power, and it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to your building’s roof. With daily blasts of heat, your roof cavity rapidly heats up, which becomes trapped and heats up the rest of your building. Conversely, on brisk winter nights, it’ll trap cold air and might make your building cooler than you’d like.